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Welcome to the Online Independent Contractor Determination Form.

Before you begin to complete this online form, please review Administrative Policy – 3342-6-04.3.

Also, be sure to have the following documents completed and information on hand:

  • Independent Contractor's name, address, telephone number and social security number.
  • All information relating to the services the Independent Contractor (IC) is to provide.
  • Please use the Terms of Agreement drafted and approved by General Counsel by clicking here, unless you have an alternative Terms of Agreement that has been approved by General Counsel.  Please attach the Terms of Agreement before submitting the form
  • Please have any supporting documentation, e.g. resume, program information, etc., saved and ready to attach before submitting the form.

Foreign Nationals:
IC payments can only be received by foreign nationals whose visa status allows the receipt of such payments. If the IC is known to be a foreign national, special care should be taken to make certain that the individual is truly functioning as an IC. No Non- Resident payments will be processed without prior approval from the payroll department. If you are submitting an IC form for a foreign national (PRIOR to submitting the form), please contact Kristina Racher in the payroll office (2-8641 or for information and guidance.

If you have any questions related to completing this form or the information that is required, please feel free to contact Human Resources at       (330) 672-2100.

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